There is one situation that happens repeatedly to realtors, especially us realtors

who double as parents. I will meet with a lady client who is a single mother and is

looking to purchase a home in Concord, California if only to be closer to her job and

be able to care for her child at the same time.

Pretty soon she tells me about her child and how one of the issues stopping her

from moving to the East Bay right now is the fear of changing preschools. She went

through two different ones before finding the right one where she is living now, and

she’s afraid if she moves to Concord than the next one will not measure up and so on

and so forth.

So I tell her about my three boys and the research my husband and I did when our

oldest was getting ready for preschool. There is much that I can go into about what

makes the right preschool, but what I thought was important – aside from being

near the house, having a low student/teacher ratio, and being priced appropriately –

was the staff’s “interest enhancement” capability or ability to capture and hold on to

the students’ attention. One preschool in Concord that comes to mind when I think

of interest enhancement is Sun Terrace Preschool.

Children should spend most of their time playing and working with materials or

with other children. They should not appear to be wandering aimlessly or just

sitting there in boredom. Generating interest in a young mind is paramount to their

emotional and intellectual growth and only great teachers have this innate ability to

produce this interest. Of all the places we visited, Sun Terrace Preschool met all the

right criteria and in some cases even exceeded those lofty expectations my husband

and I had.

Sun Terrace attendees have access to various activities throughout the day. My

husband and I saw assorted building blocks and other construction materials, props

for pretend play (which is very important at that age), picture books, paints and

other art materials, and table toys such as matching games, pegboards, and puzzles.

The most important aspect I noticed was how the owner, Karen Steindel ensures

that the teachers make time to work with individual children at different times

during the day. After all, I did want my son to get some individual attention, just as

other parents hope and expect their child to get individual attention.

Overall I think that the Sun Terrace Preschool merited a decidedly A rating from

both my husband and I.


Sun Terrace Preschool Concord

3585 Port Chicago Hwy

Concord , CA , 94520

(925) 676 – 4373