Spring Time Maintenance Check List

GUTTERS—Remove all leaves and debris, run a hose and check for leaks and any blockage.

ROOF—Be on the look out for any damaged or loose shingles that may need to be replaced.

WINDOWS & DOOR SCREENS —Clean all windows inside and out, check any screens for holes and replace as needed.

DECK or PORCH —Check railings for sturdiness and adjust if need be.  Check decks for areas that may need re-staining.  (don’t forget your favorite bench).

SPRINKLER SYSTEM—Replace or fix any valves that are leaking or not working.   Especially the one that wets up your car, every time you water the lawn.

LANDSCAPING—We have received a good amount of rain, make sure to get out there and do some weeding, Don’t forget to add a pop of color with  seasonal flowers!

FOUNDATION—Check for any cracking or discoloration .  You may want to call out a foundation professional.  Give us a call we can recommend a few. 

INSIDE —Be sure to check the caulking around  the base of the showers, toilets and sinks

Good luck with your Spring Time Maintenance.

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Credit: .https://www.keepingcurrentmatters.com/2019/04/05/spring-maintenance-checklist-infographic/