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As a dedicated realtor in the East Bay, I want to keep you informed of what’s happening in the community and a keep a strong pulse on the market as a whole. This is a great resource for you to use to gauge what you are looking for and how the real estate market in California ebbs and flows, how it may impact you as a prospective homebuyer or seller.

I hope you find these articles and information helpful and informative.

I’m always here to help. If you ever have any questions or comments about the information seen here please reach out. Staging 101 ListingsVideos

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Buying a house?

What to consider when buying a house. Credit Score Home buyer questions ...
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Proposition 10

This November there will be a Proposition on the ballet about rent control. I encourage everyone to do their research ...
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Have you ever thought about a She Shed?

Everyone has heard of a Man Cave, but how about a She Shed? I have decided that I would like ...
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Doing a full kitchen remodel is a large investment in time and money. So many of us want to refresh ...
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Real Estate Decorating Trends

With the start of a new year, there are always new decorating trends emerging. This year is all about ceilings! ...
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Are you in the cleaning mood?

In January there is a switch that turns on in my brain, that says I want to clean everything and ...
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Bathroom Remolding

Is a bathroom remodel something you have been contemplating? Bathroom remodeling is all over HGTV. The larger bathrooms have the ...
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Clearing off your Countertops

No matter how often I clean, it always seems like there is clutter all over the countertops and table. The ...
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Statement Ceilings

I have seen ceilings with amazing texture on Fixer Upper, but I did not realize that it was becoming a ...
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The Power of a Good Remodel

I just saw an article that a shotgun style house that was renovated on the HGTV show Fixer Upper is ...
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