As a parent, we strive to have as great role as possible in educating our children –

especially in those important early formative years. But unfortunately, as many of us

have to work, we must leave this task to the professionals.

But that doesn’t mean we cannot take some active part, even if it is only to help

out in various school offered programs. When it comes to encouraging parental

involvement in such programs, one school stands out in particular: Rancho Romero

Elementary School.

Located in Alamo California – adjacent to Livorna Road and near Stone Valley Road

– Rancho Romero is a fantastic choice for parents looking to stay as involved as

possible. As a member of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, this top-
notch K-5 school stands out as one of the top public elementary schools in the area.

In fact, it won the California Distinguished School award in 1998 and then again in


What makes Rancho unique from other solid public elementary schools is its strong

accent on parental involvement, which I find absolutely wonderful. Parents of

Rancho students often help out at the school in various ways from the classroom,

to the library, and even in the cafeteria. Additionally, Rancho’s Parent Teacher

Association (PTA) supports and coordinates a number of programs at the school

that enhances family group activities throughout the year.

For Rancho students and their parents there are events such as: Skate Nights,

Family Pizza and Bingo Nights, Class-Wide Family Picnics, Family Science Night

(usually conducted in the Fall), & Family Movie Nights. There is also the RREF

Auction, which is the year-end carnival & spring sing event.

Rancho Romero is one of the largest benefits of having a family in Alamo. So if you

are a current Alamo resident, or planning to become one and you enjoys being

involved in your young children’s lives and would like to get the opportunity to

meet other folks who feel the same way, than check out Rancho Romero Elementary