Even though it has been pretty dry here in California for quite some time, the typical rainy season is coming upon us as it begins to cool down. Rain, and other factors, can bring about water damage. It is the number one cause of a weakened home foundation. A damaged foundation can cause serious structural damage. Likewise, damp wood brings in termites and ants as well as causes mold and mildew.


Here are three tips on how to be prepared and reassured when the rainy season begins: how to prevent home water damage


  • Ensure good drainage. This entails cleaning your gutters, directing downspouts five to ten feet away from your house, and sloping your yard away from the foundation.
  • Test your sump pump. Check it once a year and test more frequently during storm season.
  • Fix any water leaks by repairing noticeable dripping pipes, checking for dark spots under pipes and on ceilings, repairing cracked caulking, and inspecting the roof for missing, loose, or damaged shingles.


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