When I am finding a home for a client, it is just as important for me to match my client with the right community as well as with the right house. For clients that have preschool aged children with at least one with special needs, finding the right community is especially important.

For these clients’ families looking to keep their children in the same school, they have to look no further than the Lucille Glass Mauzy School for special needs children and its co-tenant the Meadowlark Children Center, a preschool in its own right.

The Lucille Glass Mauzy School serves developmentally disabled students starting at age three. It houses the ABA-based Mauzy Intensive Preschool for students with autism, and the Mauzy SH Preschool caters to youngsters with severe disabilities. The Meadowlark Children Center is a morning preschool program for children from ages three to five that is renown for its small personal program that enjoys a one to six teacher to student ratio. Both schools come together every day with an inclusion specialist for selected classes. Children also come together from both programs to play together on the playground and participate in whole campus activities.

Giovana Merritt, the owner and administrative director of Meadowlark, is a California Child Development Master Teacher whose aim in having Meadowlark be located within a special needs school was to provide her young students with “A place to raise competent, responsible and compassionate children” who accept everyone and celebrate differences. I couldn’t agree more – Meadow Lark Childrens Center Alamo.