I will soon be looking at high schools for my eldest son. Whether or not he will

continue with private school or go to a public school is still being discussed, but

regardless of which direction my husband and I take, we want to ensure his high

school experience will be a great and prepare him for college.

There are many things to consider when choosing a high school. All three of my boys

are into soccer as I was when I was their age. I ended up playing collegiately at Saint

Mary’s and would love to see them play in college someday. For me, a strong soccer

program is a small, yet existing consideration.

But sports, regardless to what my sons (and to a less extent husband) may think

should play only a minor role in the decision process as many of those who excel in

high school athletics do not end up playing in college much less in the pros.

As such, another more important consideration for choosing the right high school

is a top-notch education, and if you have purchased a home near downtown Walnut

Creek then having your kids attend a top-notch high school will not be an issue. One

of the best public high schools in the country is located near the downtown area – It

is called Las Lomas High School (LLHS).

The school’s average population has been around 1500 students for the past decade,

which ranks it as mid-sized high school. It has a 96.4% graduation rate, and about

97% of those who graduate LLHS will attend college.

What got me so favorably lit up on Las Lomas was not its athletics and performing

arts programs – which are great – but rather its strong college preparatory classes.

Students have the opportunity to take many advanced placement courses, and as a

result the AP participation rate at the school is overwhelmingly high in comparison

to other mid-sized schools.

So if you are looking for a school that combines athletics, arts and great education,

then look no further than LLHS.