Whenever I work with European clients, that are looking to purchase a home in

Walnut Creek, I often tend to wonder how it is that all though their language is

different than ours; they still manage to speak English virtually without an accent.

I believe that being fluent in a second language, especially ones such as Spanish or a

Chinese language to name a few can be so beneficial in enhancing one’s business and

social opportunities.

Now, it might be late for some of us parents but most definitely not for our kids,

especially around Walnut Creek, CA. If I lived in Walnut Creek I would have sent my

children to Kids Into Speaking Spanish walnut creek (KISS).

The KISS Program is unique in being one of Northern California’s first Spanish

language immersion programs for preschoolers and kindergarten-age children.

They have locations in Piedmont & Berkeley, but the one that I know about is in

Walnut Creek.

Like many of the top-notch preschools in our area, the curriculum followed by

Kids Into Speaking Spanish preschool is oriented towards preparing children for

kindergarten both socially and cognitively.

Where KISS deviates from other preschools is its focus on getting children as young

as two years of age interested in Spanish. They do so by charming and engaging

their minds through creative and enjoyable activities such as dancing, singing, and

art projects, which are mainly in Spanish. I think this is an amazing concept that

provides an important skill set for this day and age.

As I see it, in addition to developing a strong foundation in the Spanish language,

which will undoubtedly only help them later on scholastically and in their adult

lives, your children will be more creative, more confident, and more open to the

many cultures they will be exposed to in the bay area and for the rest of their lives.

This option would go very well with any forward thinking parents.