It’s the start of a new year and a great time to make sure we do regularly scheduled maintenance on our homes. ” Like a car needs an oil change, there are things in our homes that need regular maintenance too. For example, your HVAC system.  It is important to get your HVAC checked twice a year to make sure it is running properly, so you don’t pay peak prices for a repair, if your heat goes out in the middle of winter. One of the ways to maintain the system is to change the filters once a month as dirty air filters can do long term damage to your system.  Please see four benefits to changing your furnace filter.  1) improved air quality:  Remember we had air quality issues this past fall with the fires,  if you have not changed your air filter since then.  Now is a good time to do so. 2) Changing the filter extends the life of the unit. 3) Enhanced Energy Efficiency, if there is build up, your unit has to work harder. 4) changing the filter keeps the system clean. We changed ours and it was filthy.  For more information check out HGTV