I am a realtor who is heavily involved in showing potential home buyers houses in

cities like Concord, Walnut Creek, and Alamo California. I am also like any other

parent who considers finding the best learning environment for my child to be

very important. When helping families find homes, I implement both my status

as a realtor and as a parent to find the best home for them and their children. If

families are looking for a home in Concord, than I consider and mention Highlands

Elementary School as a selling point.

As it happens, one of my kids is currently on his way to start elementary school so

I did some research on what constitutes a great elementary school, like Highlands.

This is what I learned: you should always look at standardized test score results

which are in most cases published online as they are fairly indicative of a school’s

teaching quality.

Yes, there are a variety of other factors that affect how well children learn, and it

ranges from the leadership and passion of the teachers to the school services that

are available to students and offered either before or after normal school hours, but

those scores are still the only quantitative measurement a parent can use for the

purpose of comparison.

If awards and scores are any indication, than I really like Highlands Elementary

School in Concord, California which and serves approximately 700 students each

day of the school year in grades K-5.

Highland’s staff diligently collaborates toward helping their student body succeed

scholastically, and must be commended for their STAR performance results over the

last few years.

In fact, the school-wide API (Academic Performance Index) is above 850, which

is amazing news for a school of that size. Also worth mentioning is that in 2006

Highlands received an Honorable Mention for the California’s Distinguished School

Award (CDSA). For those parents who may not be familiar with the CDSA – only five

percent of schools in our state receive this award each year, which means this is a

very big accomplishment.

Aside from scores, the staff at Highlands plays a major role in the educational

quality at the elementary school. From what Highlands parents tell me, the school

administrators have high expectations for teachers, which affects the quality of

education as they pass on those high expectations to the young learners.

Summing up Highlands Elementary, you can say that achievement starts from the

top and trickles down to what is truly important for the students. So if your home is

near this Concord school, you may consider yourself lucky that your kids will truly

receive a private-education valued public school education.