Everyone has heard of a Man Cave, but how about a She Shed? I have decided that I would like a She Shed! My house is full of boys. I would love a place that I can make super girly that is quiet and just for me. I saw an article about this in House Beautiful and I felt so inspired. If I had an extra room in my house, I would just use that as my space, but all the rooms are currently occupied so the backyard it is! It looks like you can buy a shed kit and then dress it up to look however you like. I saw one that was even painted mint. How fun!! One woman hung a chandelier in her She Shed. It had a couch and lovely flowers. I could picture myself sitting in there with a good book and coffee or maybe a glass of wine! I’m still trying to convince the hubby…I’ll keep you updated!!

Take a look at the site below and get some ideas of your own. I would love to hear what you think. Men I bet you would get many rewards from adding a She Shed or at the very least a She Space.

House Beautiful: She Shed ideas