Nationally recognized for its excellence in sports, De La Salle High School (DLS) is often the school people think of when the city of Concord is mentioned.  According to my husband, an alumni, and our

three young sons, an acceptance to De La Salle is the goal of nearly every young boy currently living in the city of Concord and even more across surrounding cities in the East Bay.


As a mother raising boys to be well-rounded, responsible men, I am interested in what De La Salle offers beyond producing great athletes.


As a realtor, I encourage my clients to do their research and make the best decisions about schools based on their own family’s values.  For one client, who later became a close friend, having her son taught by teachers who had earned graduate degrees was most important.  She believed exposing her son to higher teaching methodologies and expectations would best prepare him for the university level.


Here’s just a few facts about De La Salle:


  • De La Salle is a private high school serving mainly families in the Catholic community of Contra Costa County.
  • De La Salle accommodates over 1,000 students from diverse cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Education is at the forefront for De La Salle and prides itself on academic excellence. Nearly 90% of all graduating classes go on to four-year universities, including Ivy League schools.

In my book, there’s no better foundation for a school to provide—the tools needed to be successful today, tomorrow and in the future. To learn more, visit the school’s website at Go Spartans!
De La Salle High School Concord