For those looking for a preschool on the western side of Alamo, look no further than the Creative Learning Center, which has been nurturing the growth of preschoolers since 1976. The center offers preschool, pre-kindergarten, junior kindergarten, and summer camp programs for children ages three to five.

The most veteran educators Mary, Linda, and Debbie have been helping their young students make full use of their senses, feelings, and intellect. They teach youngsters, through play, how to initiate and sustain relationships, building interpersonal trust, which is a key component of emotional maturity. The three main focuses of the center are enhancing appositive self-image, providing a safe environment to explore social relationships, and introducing academics through “hands-on” interactive experiences. In addition to the teachers, there are specialists: a motor specialist, a music specialist, and a science specialist.

A number of sources that have had or currently have children attending the Creative Learning Center have repeatedly told me about the school. They have nothing but great things to say about the staff and the teaching methodology.

The Creative Learning Center is a great place to help foster toddlers’ growth. If you are an Alamo resident living on the western edge closer to Danville and want to see your preschool children grow, then take a closer look at the Creative Learning Center Alamo .