I do not know how many parents are familiar with the Montessori method, but it is

one of the best learning curriculum available to children around the world. I learned

about it somewhat late with my 3 boys, and I had considered it when they were

eligible. So maybe it is too late for my kids but hopefully not for yours – especially if

you live here in Concord, California.

Here in Concord we have our very own Montessori school! Jody Kresge founded

the Concordia School in 1973. Concordia School is a full member of the American

Montessori Society. As a result, the teachers, many of who have been with the school

for over 15 years, are Montessori trained and certified.

The Montessori curriculum can be loosely termed as “a spiral curriculum” where

everything is interrelated. The learning methodology – which is over 100 years old

and still considered innovative to this day – is designed to train the young mind to

work their way from the highly simplified “big picture” to ever increasing detail

with each, subsequent lesson.

The idea behind this approach is that every new piece of information a child comes

into contact with will fit into what he or she already knows and is comfortable with.

I actually got to learn about Concordia from a former client who is about to become

a client once again as she is about to sell her home through me. When we recently

met again, naturally talking about our kids; she told me that when she first settled in

she brought her preschool boy to the Concordia School because he was so shy and

timid that she and her husband were afraid that he would not be able to make the

move from being home with her to attending school for the first time.

In accordance with this thinking, the teachers in the Children’s House at Concordia

did a wonderful job getting him to break out of his shell in no time at all. Within a

few short weeks, the boy began to gain his self-confidence, and even play with kids

from around the neighborhood at the local park.

Needless-to-say the speed of this transformation was totally unexpected and very

much appreciated. In short the teachers at Concordia helped him “find his voice,”

and if you are looking for a similar experience for your children, consider Concordia

School in Concord.