Here are some tips in choosing the right real estate agent for you

1.  Talk with recent clients. Ask the agent for a list of homes they have listed and sold in the past year with the contact information. Also ask if anyone will feel particularly good or bad about his or her experience with the agent.

2. Look up the licensing. Each state licenses and disciplines the agents in their state. Check with the state’s real estate regulatory body to see if the agent is licensed or received any disciplinary action or complaints.

3. Pick a winner. Awards given by peers such as “Realtor of the Year” type of awards show how these agents are judged by those around them and are a great endorsement.

4. Select an agent with proper credentials. The letters after an agent’s name can indicate a specialty in a certain type of real estate sales. Even if an agent is a Realtor with a capital “R” than he or she is a member of the National Association of Realtors, indicating a pledge to support the code of ethics.

5. Research how long an agent has been in business. This can be found out from the state licensing authority or asking the agent. Looking at how long an agent has been around shows what kind of market presence the agent has.

6.  Check out their current listings. Look online. See how closely the agent’s listings resemble the property you want to buy or sell.

7. Ask about other houses for sale in the area. Good agents should know the other nearby, available properties off the top of their head. This will indicate that the agent really knows your area, and you want an agent that is on top of the market in this way.

8.  Meet agents in their working environment, not their offices. See how they operate in their working environment and engage with people. Also, agents that spend a lot of time at their desks are typically not the best agent.

9.  Make sure the agent is online. In today’s world it is important for an agent to be web savvy considering a large majority of buyers see and look for homes online. Great agents must be technologically mobile to assist and communicate with buyers and sellers.

10.  Look for signs that the agent has time for you. Hard-working agents are good but sometimes too busy. Agents can only effectively work with so many buyers and sellers at any given time. If you are passed on to an assistant, move on to an agent who will devote more time to you.