I first discovered Cherubini’s Coffee House during my days at St. Mary’s. A decade later, Cherubini’s is still the place I like to stop by when I’m visiting Alamo.

Instead of meeting up with friends as I did at St. Mary’s, today I will meet with clients who are looking to purchase in Alamo. Cherubini’s is a great place for both casual and business occasions. The coffee house is family run with superb service. It is a bit of a hidden gem and can be difficult to find but it is a local gem and that gives Cherubini’s the character that people love. From the antique trinkets on the shelves to the mismatched furniture, Cherubini’s gives a feeling of warmth one does not get at a chain coffee shop.

What also separates Cherubini’s from a chain coffee house is the full breakfast and lunch menu. They have everything from savory omelets and quiches to pancakes and French toast to sandwiches and salads. Located in Alamo Square behind the Feed & Grain Store, Cherubini’s is the place to go for breakfast, lunch, and, obviously and most importantly, coffee – Cherubini Coffee House Alamo.
We Are Located at:

Cherubini Coffee House
37 Alamo Square
Alamo, CA 94507
(925) 743-0824