Just as much as I value the education that my boys would receive if they were given the opportunity to attend De La Salle I would be equally thrilled to know if I had daughters that Carondelet High School would afford them the same opportunity.

As a neighbor to De La Salle High School, Carondelet High School in Concord offers young women the opportunity to pursue a top-notch high school education. With a challenging college prep curriculum and a myriad of other benefits including AP and Honors courses, the young women who attend Carondelet graduate and attend some of the best colleges in the country.

As students enter their junior and senior years, they are able to take classes at De La Salle which provides them with a great co-educational experience. Campus ministry and community service also play a significant role in student life and are integrated throughout the many campus activities. In addition to a strong academic foundation, Carondelet offers students learning options beyond the classroom including organizations, extracurricular activities and sports.

Overall, Carondelet is a wonderful choice and one that should be strongly considered for your daughter!

Carondelet High School is an all-girls private Catholichigh school in Concord, California. Carondelet High School was founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The school of about 800 students was founded in 1965. It shares some resources with the all-boys school, De La Salle High School, which is across a side-street that separates them. De La Salle High School was founded by the Christian Brothers. Students in their junior and senior years are able to take classes at the other school for four of the school’s six class periods, and also as lowerclassmen for language and art. The school is located within the Diocese of Oakland.

Students are offered a challenging college preparatory curriculum including elective courses in art, music, physical education and computer science. AP and Honors courses in English, Math, Social Studies, Modern Languages, Science and Visual and Performing Arts are available as well as an Educational Resource Program for those students in need of academic support. The combined course offerings of Carondelet and De La Salle, an adjacent Catholic boys’ school, at the Junior and Senior level, provides a co-educational experience while maintaining individual school identity.