For many in the East Bay, there is an array of high school options for their children. Parents may choose to send their children to the public high schools in the area, a charter school nearby or outside of their neighborhood, or one of the many private schools in the area. If a parent is looking into a private high school in the Walnut Creek area, they should consider Berean Christian High School.

Located at 245 El Divisadero Ave in Walnut Creek, Berean provides a superb college preparatory education for high school students. Some of the school’s core values include service-related, excellence-driven, and future-oriented. The average class size is 22, there is a total of 400 students at the school, and a 22 to 1 student to faculty ratio. The campus sits on 6.3 acres with five major buildings that include 24 classrooms, science lab, computer labs, an art room, weight room, gymnasium, athletic field, and so much more. Berean offers courses in English, history & social science, mathematics, foreign languages, school service, physical education, life science, practical arts, Bible, and fine & performing arts.

Berean offers many successful extracurricular and athletic opportunities including twenty varsity teams, performing arts, and technological offerings. The varsity teams have accumulated many accolades, both academically and athletically, over the last few years. The performing arts department has chorus, three vocal groups, guitar class, drama classes, and four major drama performances every year. Technologically, the school has an iPad program in which all the students receive an iPad that they must bring to class every day and use in many different ways including holding their textbooks.

If you are looking for a high school that offers rich academic courses, comprehensive and competitive extracurricular activities, college preparation, and the development of intellect, physical and spiritual health, as well as social skills, than consider Berean Christian High School.