Is a bathroom remodel something you have been contemplating? Bathroom remodeling is all over HGTV. The larger bathrooms have the most options as they have the most space. (of course).  I love the new trend of Stand-Alone Showers and Tubs. Not only do they look amazing, but they offer so much more space to relax while enjoying a hot shower or wonderful bubble bath. A steam shower and a beautiful stand alone bath tub in my master bath is just the type of oasis I need!! 🙂  Here are a few things to consider before you begin your bathroom remolding.  1) Cost is always in the forefront of your decisions 2) Find inspiration, what do you like? 3) Be space-savvy,  4) review your option, (don’t get overwhelmed) 5) Think about entry and accessibility 6) be creative with your space 7) Shower interior (rainfall is my husband’s choice) 8) Shower controls  9) Surface type 10) think long term, one day you may need those rails, if you know what I mean.   For more information check out.

Remember there are also some great things you can do with small bathrooms. Here are a few items to make sure you include 1) storage is a must 2) need to be functional 3)  and color.  Color goes a long way.   Check out this link from freshhome. Small Bathroom Ideas