The northeastern side of Alamo offers a great school for preschool-age children: Alamo Country School. Past clients who have purchased homes near the school clued me in to how great Alamo Country School is for their children.

The school has a unique set up and curriculum to help each child develop and improve their self-esteem. There is a toddler program for two and three year olds, preschool program for three and four year olds, prekindergarten program for four and five year olds, junior kindergarten program, and daycare for children up through first grade, including yearlong extended daycare from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday.

The toddler program takes place in its own building and has a playground created just for learning toddlers. Social development is the driving force behind their activities and experiences. The preschool program is unique due to the teacher assessments upon each child’s admissions, in order to establish goals and design an individual program for the child. A strong academic curriculum is emphasized in the pre-kindergarten program as well as continued social development. Junior kindergarten is an extension of the prekindergarten program designed for children age five by September 1st.

All in all, Gina, the owner and operator of the school, her business, since 1989, relocating the school to Alamo in 1999, operates Alamo Country School with an educational philosophy, which mandates that children feel successful and good about themselves. The programs move at the right pace for each child’s individual needs. If you live in the northeastern part of Alamo and are in search for a school for your preschooler, consider Alamo Country School Alamo.