With school back in session, my calendar is crazier than ever. Between school events, sports and work, I don’t seem to have a free minute. It can feel overwhelming at times. In my calendar I have plenty of real estate appointments, (Hooray and thank you all). My three boys have many sporting activities and home work assignments. I thought to myself I need to put myself on the calendar. But how?

Finally I added myself to my calendar by implementing a strategy to make it more manageable. It’s an idea from the book ” Getting Things Done”. Not sure if any of you have read it? It has some really good tips for organizing tasks. It is centered around work examples but can easily be used in your personal life as well. One idea that really stuck with me, is breaking up projects into small parts in order to make progress.

For instance, I wanted to make a photo album of memories from one of our trips. I kept thinking, “When am I going to have time for this?” I remembered the tip and broke it down into small parts. First, choose the site to use. Second, choose a template. Third, choose the pictures to use and so on from there. I put each of these steps in my calendar This helped me cross To Do’s off my list and start making progress. I consider that a WIN!

I may not be able to clear my schedule, but at least I can make it less scary to think about (smile). Let me know what you do to make your calendar not so crazy?

Below please find a link to the book. Getting Things Done
Getting Things Done